Could do a lot worse?

When did finding a good man become “she could do a lot worse”? Is that really the standard now days, “could do a lot worse”? “She could do a lot worse”. I’m so tired of hearing that. I get it, I am in no way an introvert who likes to be on my own, but dang! I have standards!!

Why don’t more women have standards? Why don’t more women think about the man with whom they are starting a relationship? Listen. To. People. Take wise counsel. Pray. Not every person is a hater just trying to bring people down. Sometimes they actually give a crap about you and are concerned with your choice man. If people know the patterns of the person your interested in, listen to them. Of course everyone has a past and you can’t hold that against somebody but recent-past is different than past-past.

Why do women settle? Do we really want someone that desperately that we are willing to compromise on VERY important things (i.e. jobs, cars, manners, respect, drugs, alcohol, spiritual leading)? Is it really too much to expect a man to have a job, vehicle, and manners? NO!

So why settle just so you don’t have to be alone?



About courageousandkind2016

This is an anonymous blog written by a woman who has loved and who has lost. Anyone who has loved another with her entire soul can identify with at least some of what I'm saying. This is my journey from brokenness to healing. My hope is that some of these words would help give someone out there hope that there is healing through the pain.
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