Job (like, from the Bible)


Job lost so much in just one day: Donkeys, oxen, flocks of sheep, camels and the servants who cared for them. On top of losing all of that he loses his seven sons and three daughters. He lost all of that at the same time! This, THIS, is how Job responds: Tore his gown, shaved his head, fell to the ground and WORSHIPED God. It doesn’t say he cried and blamed and questioned God. No it says he worshiped God! Wow. This got me wondering about Job. What kind of family was he brought up in? Where did he come from? How could his faith be SO great? Had something happened in his life previously to make his foundation so strong? But then I thought, his story before this is not what matters nor could it really matter too much when you lose all 10 of your children at the same time!! Again, wow. God knew this would be Job’s reaction before this even happened and this is one of the reasons, I’m sure, he suggested Job to Satan.

What type of foundation is God securing in me right now? Because I know the last storm I just went through I could barely hold on. The way I handled this past storm is almost embarrassing when I think back on it. How could I allow myself to become so “victimized” in my own self-image?How do I make my faith stronger without cursing God and dying?  How can I be more like Job and less like Job’s wife?



About courageousandkind2016

This is an anonymous blog written by a woman who has loved and who has lost. Anyone who has loved another with her entire soul can identify with at least some of what I'm saying. This is my journey from brokenness to healing. My hope is that some of these words would help give someone out there hope that there is healing through the pain.
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